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This site has been designed to be viewed on an 800x600 display (at least). This site contains many photographs which will only look at their best when viewed using at least 16-bit colour (thousands or millions of colours).

Links that look like this: Milton Keynes Natural History Society» are to pages external to my site and will open in a new browser window.

If you wish to link to my site you do not need to ask my permission. Please ensure that you link only to the home page as all other parts of the site are subject to change and relocation without notice.


Best viewed using Internet Explorer 5 or above or the excellent Firefox» browser. The site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and should work on any browser that supports this technology). The site has been tested using Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla Firefox 1.5. If your browser does not work in some respect I would be interested to hear about problems, but I cannot guarantee to make changes to the site to fix them.


Cookies are used to store the date of your last visit to each page of the site. This allows me to display an indication of whether a page or section has changed since your last visit. If you do not have cookies enabled you won't see this indication. Cookies are only ever returned to my site, i.e. no third party cookies are used.


JavaScript is used to display the last visit information (described above), to activate rollover buttons etc., and to show the last modified date. It is also required to preserve full compatibilty with Dynamic HTML (DHTML) in the Internet Explorer browsers. If JavaScript is disabled on your browser these functions will not work.

Copyright and Fair Usage

Except where specifically stated otherwise, all text and photographs on this web site are copyright G H Mahoney. You may not use any content for commercial gain or for public exhibition without prior reference to me for express permission. You may use photographs, or quote from my site, for the following purposes:

  • Printing for your own personal use or for use as desktop wallpaper on your own computer.
  • Use within school or college projects. Please ensure that you acknowledge the source of the material by referring to or naming me as copyright holder.
  • Use within a private (non-commercial) web site. Please ensure that you acknowledge the source of the material by linking to or naming me as copyright holder.


You can contact me by e-mailing the address george @ ghmahoney . org . uk. No live link has been placed on this site in an attempt to minimise the spam I receive as a result of e-mail address "harvesting".

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