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These pages are about Dragonflies and Damselflies in the UK - particularly in North Buckinghamshire. I moved to Southern France in 2003 and you may like to read the web pages about Dragonflies in Languedoc. There are seven main sections to the UK based site.
Intro This gives a brief narrative describing why I became interested in Dragonflies and Damselflies along with a few useful links.
Diary Here you will find a diary of site visits made by me during earlier years. As I no longer live in the UK there will be no further updates to this section.
Sites Milton Keynes in North Buckinghamshire has many good Odonata sites. This section describes some of them.
Descriptions All eighteen species of Odonata found in Milton Keynes are described in detail here.
Key This is a simple key to the species described. It has been designed for use by the amateur and I have tried to avoid "jargon" wherever possible.
Pictures There are many photographs of Dragonflies and Damselflies in these pages. You will find links to them at appropriate places and they are also tabulated here. They have all been saved as true colour JPEGs and for best results should be viewed with at least a high colour mode setting. They are viewable in 256 colour mode but won't look as good.
Links Links to other dragonfly and damselfly related sites and a list of books can be found here. The links and the bibliography relate mainly to British and Irish sites and books.

Home You might also like to look at my personal home page!

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