Dragonflies and Damselflies

Onychogomphus forcipatus - Green-eyed Hooktail - Gomphus à pinces


This species and O. uncatus are most easily told apart by the colour of their eyes. Both species are black and greenish yellow with strongly hooked male appendages. They are found near both rivers and lakes with clean water but they can also be encountered far from water. Flies from late June to September.

O. forcipatus

Male near Lamalou-les-Bains, 20th June 2004

O. forcipatus

Male at Lac du Salagou, 8th July 2004

O. forcipatus

Male at Lac du Salagou, 8th July 2004

O. forcipatus anal appendages

Close-up of strongly hooked anal appendages.

O. forcipatus

Close-up of face showing large, separated, multi-faceted eyes.


08/07/2004   Solitary male resting on the shore by Lac du Salagou, Hérault (34).

14/07/2004   Several males by the River Orb nearHérépian, Hérault (34).

31/05/2005   One male seen on a path quite high in the Cirque d'Infernet, St-Guilhem-le-Desert (34)

10/07/2008   10+ males at the Parcours de Peche on the R. Gravezon, Lunas

10/07/2008   3 males at the Plan d'eau near Lunas

16/06/2009   2 or 3 males basking on rocks by the River Orb at Hérépian.

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