Dragonflies and Damselflies

Family - Libellulidae (Darters, Chasers and Skimmers)

Family summary

Libellulidae is the dominant and most advanced family of Dragonflies in Europe. About twenty species from several different genera occur in France. They are mostly small to medium sized Dragonflies which hunt by darting from a regular perch (hence the common name). The males are typically blue or red in colour while the females are usually more drab.

Libellula genus

Libellula quadrimaculata - 4-spotted Chaser - La Libellule à quatre taches
Libellula fulva - Scarce Chaser - La Libellule fauve
Libellula depressa - Broad-bodied Chaser - La Libellule déprimé

Orthetrum genus

Orthetrum cancellatum - Black-tailed Skimmer - L'Orthétrum réticulé
Orthetrum albistylum - White-tailed Skimmer - L'Orthétrum à stylets blancs
Orthetrum brunneum - Southern Skimmer - L'Orthétrum brun
Orthetrum coerulescens - Keeled Skimmer - L'Orthétrum bleuissant

Crocothemis genus

Crocothemis erythraea - Scarlet Darter - La Libellule écarlate

Sympetrum genus

Sympetrum striolatum - Common Darter - Le Sympétrum à coté strié
Sympetrum vulgatum - Vagrant Darter - Le Sympétrum commun
Sympetrum meridionale - Southern Darter - Le Sympétrum méridional
Sympetrum fonscolombei - Red-veined Darter - Le Sympétrum à nervures rouges
Sympetrum flaveolum - Yellow-winged Darter - Le Sympétrum jaune
Sympetrum sanguineum - Ruddy Darter - Le Sympétrum rouge sang
Sympetrum depressiusculum - Spotted or Marshland Darter - Le Sympétrum à corps déprimé
Sympetrum danae - Black Darter - Le Sympétrum noir
Sympetrum pedemontanum - Banded Darter - Le Sympétrum du Piémont

Leucorrhinia genus

Leucorrhinia albifrons - Eastern White-faced Darter - La Leucorrhine à front blanc
Leucorrhinia dubia - White-faced Darter - La Leucorrhine douteuse

Trithemis genus

Trithemis annulata - Violet-marked Darter - Trithémis annelé

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