Dragonflies and Damselflies

Family - Aeshnidae (Hawkers)

Family summary

The family Aeshnidae is represented by 5 genera and about 11 species in France. Hawkers are the large insects that most people immediately think of when they hear the word Dragonfly. They are extremely strong flyers and get the common name "Hawker" because of their unrelenting cruising searching for prey.

Aeshna genus

Aeshna juncea - Common Hawker - L'Aeschne des joncs
Aeshna mixta - Migrant Hawker - L'Aeschne mixte
Aeshna affinis - Southern Migrant Hawker - L'Aeschne affine
Aeshna cyanea - Southern Hawker - L'Aeschne bleue
Aeshna grandis - Brown Hawker - Le grande Aeschne
Aeshna (Anaciaeschna) isosceles - Norfolk Hawker - L'Aeschne isocèle

Anax genus

Anax imperator - Emperor Dragonfly - L'Anax empereur
Anax parthenope - Lesser Emperor Dragonfly - L'Anax napolitain

Hemianax genus

Hemianax ephippiger - Vagrant Emperor Dragonfly - L'Anax porte-selle

Brachytron genus

Brachytron pratense - Hairy Dragonfly - L'Aeschne printanière

Boyeria genus

Boyeria irene - Dusk Hawker - L'Aeschne paisible

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